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Safer Lifting at Gullfaks Oil Rig

An innovative lifting device developed by the Schlumberger Well Services pumping group, based around REID Lifting’s T-Davit developments is reducing risks at the Gullfaks field.

The Gullfaks oil field is located in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, approximately 175 km northwest of Bergen.

The Gullfaks oil platforms are larger structures than the Eiffel Tower, and the pumping group’s daily work involves a lot of heavy lifting in an environment where safety is critical. When mounting its 42.5 kg valves operators have previously had to stand on scaffold or a ladder, running the risk of falls, dropping items and sustaining pinching injuries.

StatoilHydro challenged the pumping group to come up with a suitable lifting device.

With the help of REID and our Norwegian partners, GMC, based at Stavanger, Norway, we built a customised solution based around our T-DAVIT product.

Schlumberger loss prevention team (LPT) and Well Services management granted the money to build the device and the first prototype was successfully field trialled offshore with installation of the plug valves proving to be much easier and safer as was fitting the gate valve on the Christmas tree. The users also saw benefits in using the device when mounting plug valves for well services operations.

Statoil Well Leaders, Alf Halvorsen and Arne V. Pedersen, confirm that the equipment makes it possible for one person to rig up a plug or gate valve alone, with a greatly reduced risk of injury.

“As Well leaders for StatoilHydro we appreciate the initiative shown by Schlumberger’s team at the Gullfaks field,” they write in an e-mail. “Efforts that can lead to less physical strain on our colleagues, and prevent lost-time injuries are always of great value. We hope this equipment will be used on all three platforms on the Gullfaks field.”

Now proven on the most challenging rigs, REID is really excited by the potential for this lightweight, portable solution on similar installations in the oil & gas industry.

This further demonstrates our capability in providing lightweight lifting solutions for many such environments and applications that will minimise risk, reduce injury and provide an excellent utility rate and hence an effective return on investment.