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Lightweight Porta-Beam Solution for Jaguar’s Engineering Centre

When it came to selecting new lifting equipment at the Jaguar Engineering Centre in Coventry, previous experience with PORTA-GANTRY from Reid Lifting led Jaguar to specify further REID equipment.

The structural rig test at Jaguar’s Engineering Centre is responsible for carrying out general chassis durability testing. For a second test rig, mounted on a bedplate, the cars to be tested have to be raised 3 feet into the air, for which a spreader beam was needed to support the car. Jaguar required a lightweight single beam system with a 2000Kg capacity to support a car’s weight. The company knew of Reid Lifting when it took delivery of a PORTA-GANTRY and Reid was able to offer its PORTA-BEAM, which is a third of the weight of the steel equivalent.

Like PORTA-GANTRY, PORTA-BEAM is lightweight and easily assembled by two people and can be dismantled for remote storage.