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Crowland Cranes

Where millimeters matter

A REAL confined space challenge met by Crowland Cranes using a REID PORTA-GANTRY.

Crowland Cranes were recently contracted to complete the challenging installation of a 2.5t pressure vessel into a newly built on site pump house for main contractor William Bailey. Due to the late delivery of the vessel by the manufacturers the building was constructed first, which proved a very tight problem for the installation of the vessel, as shown in the dimensions and photograph.

  • The width of the entrance was 1,550mm, and the vessel diameter was 1,550mm
  • The width of the room was 2,550mm, and the vessel was 3,300mm long / high.
  • The height of the room was 3,990mm, the height of the vessel was 3,300mm high
  • Capacity of the PORTA-GANTRY selected was 3,000kgs, vessel weight was 2,500kgs.

Crowland Cranes approached REID lifting with this exacting challenge and specification and with just a few emails and phone calls, drawing iterations checking and double checking the measurements, REID presented a slightly customized PORTA-GANTRY system to fit the room dimensions exactly with literally a few mm to spare and eking out the maximum Height of Lift available in such a space.

The restriction of both the building dimensions and the vessel size once it was within the building, made it a very tight operation but with the aid of this lightweight, portable PORTA-GANTRY and the fact that the unit can be easily dismantled and re-assembled on site in such confined working space, the job was successfully completed by Crowland to the satisfaction of all.

The vessel was moved inside the building on its side and raised into the vertical position, using both a lorry crane and the PORTA-GANTRY system. Once the unit was inside, the PORTA-GANTRY completed the final lift. Once the vessel was vertical in the building, the PORTA-GANTRY was stripped down, moved within the building and re-assembled, the vessel was then skated into position, and the PORTA-GANTRY completed the final lift from the skates and lowered the unit back down onto the ground for final fixing.

Crowland management went on to add “the job went well and the client was very impressed with the Gantry. We now have the PORTA-GANTRY system within our company’s equipment portfolio, enabling Crowland Cranes to offer customers more options to the daily tasks undertaken when lifting and moving equipment.”

An extreme lifting challenge well met by Crowlands Cranes with a REID Lifting PORTA-GANTRY.